Body Wise Nordic Walking

Mindfulness on the Move

Nordic walking like a moving meditation, harmonises mind and body to reduce stress. It’s not just your muscles that benefit, but your brain, too!

Nordic Walking is about getting out of your head and into your body. First paying attention to how you walk naturally and then enhancing the walk by engaging more muscles, which of course means you burn more calories, too.

By developing the correct walking technique, using 90% of your skeletal muscles, the upper and lower body strengthens and becomes more flexible resulting in a much improved posture. Paying attention to how your body moves as you develop the technique is the start to learning Mindfulness on the Move.

The body loves movement and with more than 640 skeletal muscles it was built to move!

Yet we spend an unhealthy amount of time sedentary, and caught up in our mental worlds — thinking of the past or future, planning, daydreaming etc. Paying attention to the body as you walk will help you to enjoy simply being alive, here and now.

The attention you place in your body to develop the Nordic Walking technique is mindfulness and on my courses and walks you will be encouraged to Nordic walk mindfully to create your own fluid, rhythmic, meditative pace that energises the mind as well as the body.  

Email for more information and to book onto a Nordic Walking course or organised walk. Private group and one to one courses also available.