Body Wise Nordic Walking

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Mindfulness on the Move    

Enhancing Performance through Experiential Learning

Team members will learn how to apply the correct foot placement, stride and gait while maintaining the correct posture; become more aware of their bodies, their thought processes and internal rhythm, and learn how to manage the acquisition of a new skill positively and effectively.

Understanding the importance of positive psychology, keeping a constructive internal dialogue and appreciating the factors which impact on individual and team learning.

Nordic Walking originated in Finland where cross country skiers were able to maintain physical and mental conditioning during the summer months by using their ski poles coupled with a specific walking technique. Today Nordic Walking is recognised as one of the best ways of maintaining cardiovascular capability and body alignment whilst also, and equally importantly developing what psychologists refer to as a state of flow or mindfulness

 – an essential anti-stress and resilience building activity.

Today Teams can engage in this fun and uber cool activity and be guided through the various exercises and drills to master the technique.  You do not need to be a fitness fanatic or hardy outdoors type to enjoy Nordic Walking.  It is accessible to anyone and everyone who can walk. However an open mind and a sense of curiosity about how your mind and body operates will have you fully engaging with this fun and healthy team activity in no time.

Research has shown that teams, who take part in shared social experiences such as Nordic Walking, focus their cognitive, spatial and emotive fields to master the new skill, and as a result create renewed mental awareness, a heightened sense of well-being and increased confidence.  

Learning Outcomes: Improved self awareness of the link between physiology, mind-set and sustaining performance; increased self esteem; the impact of internal dialogue on skill development; hands on experience of stress reduction and the resulting positive effect;

How collective movement creates a positive team psychology;  how effective teams provide support whilst also challenging limiting beliefs; development of team cohesion and sharing Joie de vivre!”

A research and analysis report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions shows that subsidised exercise programmes contributed to an overall decrease in sickness absenteeism, staff turnover, and accidents and emergencies; and an overall increase in employee satisfaction, productivity and employee health and welfare. You can read the report here.

Nordic walking with its accessibility and social, physical and mental health benefits is a fun way to energise your work force. Programmes and sessions running from one hour to half a day can be tailored to the specific developmental needs of your team. Nordic Walking is also the perfect lunchtime workout for boosting energy levels and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Please contact Lynn for further details.

About Lynn your Coach

Lynn started her career in education and has taught business professionals in Brazil, Holland and Spain. During this time she became

interested in how business leaders and managers’ perceptions of themselves affected their performance and personal growth.

This interest led her to study neuro-linguistic programming and coaching, fields in which she has now worked with several international


In 2003 Lynn established her own coaching practice, and has since worked with a range of clients in leadership roles across various sectors including mergers and acquisitions, education, manufacturing, finance, pharma and IT.

Her mission as a coach is to facilitate the learning that leads to an understanding and awareness of ourselves and others; to energise, enhance and enrich all aspects of our lives and relationships.

Lynn’s coaching style is challenging and supportive. She helps the client recognise negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviours that can result in poor performance and possibly lead to burn out. Her approach enables busy executives to manage their energy effectively, resulting in improved decision making, increased productivity and greater sense of purpose.

Lynn is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and Member of the ANLP. She holds a Diploma in Education and Certificate in Further Counselling Skills, and has over 20 years’ experience as an international teacher, coach and trainer.

She is also an Advanced Instructor in fitness, movement and dance, a Nordic walking Instructor and yoga teacher. She enjoys reading, writing and taking skiing holidays with her two sons.

Lynn Wanders - Personal Performance and Leadership Development Coach