Body Wise Nordic Walking


Gets you out into the Great Outdoors which is mood enhancing (the Green Effect) and tops up Vitamin D levels


Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles, toning the upper and lower body at the same time

 Increases aerobic activity even at a slow speed and burns up to 46% more calories than walking without the poles


The Top Ten Reasons  to Learn Nordic Walking


No gym costs - once learned it can be done anywhere: just you, friends and the great outdoors!


The poles propel you along making walking feel like less of an effort even though the body is working harder


It’s accessible to more people as it reduces the pressure on knees and joints, and it’s ideal for people with neck, shoulder and back problems


Improves core strength and posture


Improves gait and coordination


Improves balance and stability – making it safer to walk


Creates a meditative and calming effect

Nordic walking is for all ages & abilities.

 It is one of the MOST accessible outdoor cardiovascular activities

Email for more information and to book onto a Nordic Walking course or organised walk. Private group and one to one courses also available.